2022 Advanced FMLA Virtual Master Classes: Uncovering Expert Skills for Maximum Compliance

February, April, June, August, October & December 2022 (Official Dates TBA) | Virtual 2-Day Courses | $399


With the liability risks involved with improper administration of the FMLA, it has become an increasingly popular topic for businesses. In this Advanced FMLA Master Class, you will dive into situations that require a more advanced knowledge of the FMLA and FMLA compliance. This course will guide you through finding the best solutions for a variety of advanced FMLA subjects such as:

  • Leave laws that overlap with the FMLA and when those types of leave apply;
  • Calculating FMLA eligibility for employees, including those employees with a varied schedule;
  • How to best manage intermittent leave;
  • When and how to reach out to an employee’s physician for certification questions;
  • Identifying and investigating when employees misuse or abuse FMLA;
  • Managing and preventing employees moonlighting while on FMLA leave;
  • When you can fire employees who are on FMLA leave; and
  • How courts are currently interpreting FMLA regulations and other FMLA hot topics.

Need to start with a basic understanding of the FMLA? We’ll be hosting beginner courses every other month this year!