2022 Recruiting Virtual Master Class Series

January, March, May, July, September, and November 2022 (Official dates TBA) | Virtual 1-Day Courses | $349


Recruitment continues to remain a challenge for many employers, but it doesn’t have to be when you attend our recruiting virtual master class series. Over the course of a year, our expert presenter will take a deep dive into the key components of the recruitment process and offer valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to help you decrease time to fill and increase quality of hire.

In this intensive 1-day training, our expert presenter will go into the finer details of sourcing, messaging, screening potential candidates, and keeping track of important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). You’ll also learn:

  • How sourcing and recruiting are different and what the function of a sourcer truly is,
  • Strategies for basic and advanced Boolean searches,
  • How to understand the power of social media sourcing,
  • New sourcing technology and tools to help you hire quickly,
  • Top strategies for locating contact information of potential candidates,
  • How to create the perfect subject line and message copy,
  • How to use emotional intelligence in your messages,
  • How GIFs and memes can grab candidates’ attention and make them respond to your e-mails,
  • How to identify tools and process workflow,
  • Best practices for building and identifying personas using DISC assessment profiles,
  • And more!