2022 Recruiting Virtual Master Class: Writing Workshop for Attracting Diverse Talent

January 20, 2022 | 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern | Virtual

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Not getting qualified applicants to your job postings? It probably has something to do with those skill bullets. How many college students do you know with 5+ years of experience right out school? And what does “experience” even mean?

If you are staring down a laundry list of job requirements and qualifications you’re not even sure matter, you won’t want to miss this live rewrite session with Katrina Kibben (they/them)!

Bring a job post that’s hard to fill, or has low retention, and rewrite your post live with Katrina. They will be offering live, rapid-fire rewrites. Yes, live rewriting and advice! Just wait. The best part happens after the session when you’ll see how a few simple bullets can transform the performance of your job posting.

They’ll teach you:

  • A better hiring manager intake method to get the intel you need,
  • How to write skill bullets that will attract the right people,
  • What good looks like compared to the millions of bad jobs posted on the market today,
  • How to rewrite your most biased skill bullets to drive a diverse pipeline,
  • And more!

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