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Your early-2021 E/M problem solver

E/M office visit codes (99202-99215) are tied to more than $16 billion in annual Medicare payments. Keeping up with the 2021 changes is critical to medical groups of all specialties. Tune into this virtual session and receive:

  • The latest emerging Medicare guidance.
  • Updates on policies from regional Medicare administrative contractors.
  • Solutions to emerging pain points, such as denial causes.
  • Complete medical decision-making and time documentation guidance.
  • 4 AAPC continuing education hours, plus 1 additional hour if you take advantage of the free webinar offering before March 1.
  • 2 Q&A sessions to have your questions answered.
  • Expert insights from Shannon McCall, Medicare policy expert, and Nancy Enos, technical advisor of the 2021 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide.
  • Training you can share with your team.

With the new era of E/M office visit guidelines officially here, medical practices must wrap in critical updates from CMS, Medicare administrative contractors (MAC) and other payers on the fly.

In addition, questions and gray areas about the 2021 guidelines are multiplying as practices begin to code using the new guidelines. For example: how to document independent interpretation of a diagnostic test, how to code visits the same day as an office procedure, what must be documented to count the risk of social determinants of health.

Since the new documentation guidelines became official January 1, CMS is planning a release of its first official “how to” guide, MACs are issuing their own guidance and experts are finding specific “pain points” that practices are confronting within the new structure. Practices also must ensure documentation holds up to new audit standards that are only now coming into focus.

Tune into this on-demand virtual session, featuring two separate Q&As, to find a full rundown of official CMS policy and overcome your early challenges to keep your E/M claims humming without disruption.

Here’s what one of our speakers had to say about the recent E/M changes and how this event will help you tackle them:

“With the advent of the CY 2021, we were optimistic E/M office visit guideline changes would eliminate all the grey, subjective areas of level selection. Think again! During this session, we will discuss the key portions in the data elements that are causing headaches and uncertainty for coders, such as counting diagnostic tests and independent interpretations. We’ll also help practices head off documentation and coding errors that could trigger audit risk and even lost revenue. In addition, we will examine payer-specific office visit guidance that have emerged recently and discuss how best to navigate them.” – Shannon McCall

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