Part B News Reimbursement
Virtual Symposium

December 1-3, 2020

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Addressing all of your Billing and Compliance concerns!

Part B News Reimbursement Virtual Symposium is a major online event from Part B News, the nation’s leading industry information source for physician practice people, including managers, billers, coders, and compliance officers.

This virtual conference offers an intense three-day deep dive on the major practice management, compliance, auditing, coding, and billing trends covered in Part B News throughout the year. The Symposium provides practical analysis and guidance on the important 2021 updates to medical practice laws and regulations—including the 800-pound gorilla of Medicare regs, the Physician Fee Schedule.

The Symposium also offers expert, practical instruction and guidance for staying in compliance, avoiding audits and denials, and boosting practice revenue. Along with this great educational content, the Part B News Reimbursement Virtual Symposium gives attendees a unique opportunity to ask expert speakers for help on their specific practice needs and to network with their colleagues and peers from an easy-to-use conference platform, accessible via your computer or your mobile device!

Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to listen live to the program from December 1–3, 2020 or, if they prefer, play the sessions at a later date: They’ll have access to all educational sessions for 60 days.


Get the information, strategies, and tools you need to ensure your business thrives through these challenging times.

After attending this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the effect of 2021 legal and regulatory updates on their practice
  • Identify how CMS’ and AMA’s “new order” for E/M coding will impact their practices, and advise their providers, coders, billers, and others on how to handle it
  • Use new techniques that have helped others eliminate  waste and leakage from audits and denials and boost practice revenue
  • Create a plan to build a compliance program that protects their organization
  • Identify strategies to audit-proof their organization
  • Bring deeper understanding and practical techniques for management back to their workplace and managers

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