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Connect with industry experts and provider enrollment specialists around the country at the Provider Enrollment Virtual Summit!

Join us for an innovative virtual on-demand event featuring engaging education and training for provider enrollment professionals, enrollment managers, and credentialing specialists. Ideal for both new and experienced enrollment professionals, this event is your opportunity to get step-by-step training and answers to your most pressing questions as you master the enrollment process.

You can listen to the programs or choose to play the sessions at a later date that works best with your schedule: Once registered, you’ll have access to all educational sessions for 60 days.

Our expert speakers are industry veterans and offer best practices for developing and sustaining successful enrollment processes. Join us to earn valuable CEUs, listen to educational sessions, hear answers to industry questions from our speakers, and more!

Hot topics include:

  • Enrolling with government and commercial payers
  • Understanding the relationship between credentialing and enrollment
  • Utilizing the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS)
  • Filling out CMS forms for Medicare enrollment
  • Professional development and career advancement for enrollment professionals

Plus, don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from CAQH representatives about their solutions ProView and ProView for Groups!

Whether you work in a physician office, home health agency, hospital, rural health clinic, or any other setting, this virtual training event will help you master the enrollment process and ensure timely reimbursement!

You’ll leave this event with: 

  • The ability to enroll physicians with commercial and government payers
  • Understanding of the steps in performing Medicare revalidation
  • Knowledge of regulation changes and updates related to enrollment
  • Strategies for improving new provider onboarding processes that will increase revenue

Plus, when you register for this event, you will receive complimentary access for the Provider Enrollment Specialist Certificate exam. Demonstrate your mastery of the provider enrollment process and prove that you have the expertise required to ensure prompt enrollment by earning the PESC! Click here for more information about this exciting certificate.



Fundamentals of Provider Enrollment – an all new eLearning course!

New to provider enrollment? Our on-demand eLearning course, Fundamentals of Provider Enrollment, breaks down the key steps of enrolling practitioners—it’s a can’t-miss addition for those new to the field. Add this NEW eLearning course onto your event registration to the Provider Enrollment Virtual Summit and save $100!

Don’t miss this eLearning opportunity to expand your enrollment knowledge! Register now!