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Practicing social distancing is a must in the era of COVID-19. But education is more important than ever, so we’re offering Safety Virtual Event  to provide the same great content you have come to expect from BLR.

Safety Virtual Event provides the opportunity to earn valuable CEUs and receive the same great educational sessions—all from the comfort of home or your office with an easy-to-use digital platform!

Safety Virtual Event features a robust agenda covering:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Safety Leadership
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Risk Management
  • OSHA Compliance


After listening to these recordings, you’ll be able to:

  • Anticipate the impact OSHA-related regulatory developments and legislative trends have on workplace safety policies and procedures
  • Legally adhere to applicable federal requirements when developing and enforcing risk-management policies and procedures
  • Assess workplace violence risks and identify safeguards to protect your employees
  • Apply adaptive safety training strategies for a diverse, multi-generational workforce
  • Efficiently capture and analyze data to enhance your safety efforts
  • Achieve better safety outcomes by practicing servant leadership
  • Integrate behavioral and systems approaches to increase safety performance


Topics covered include: 

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Leadership
  • Access Insider Updates on the Latest OSHA Compliance Initiatives

  • Earn Recertification Credits Towards Your Professional Advancement

  • Create a Powerful Action Plan to Protect Your Workforce

Agenda At A Glance

Run Time – 1:22:41
Session 1 – OSHA Compliance: OSHA Enforcement and Rulemaking Updates and Compliance Trends Presented by Eric J. Conn, Esq. and Daniel Deacon, Esq., Conn Maciel Carey LLP
Run Time – 1:08:11
Session 2 – Workplace Violence Prevention: OSHA’s GDC, the ADA, and More: Understanding Your Legal Obligations and Limits under Applicable Federal Laws Presented by Melanie. L. Paul, Esq., Jackson Lewis, P.C.
Run Time – 39:41
Session 3 – OSHA Compliance: Exercising Employer Rights in an OSHA Inspection Presented by Jenifer Kienle, Esq., Kienle Law, PC
Run Time – 56:21
Session 4 – Workplace Violence Prevention: Assessing Your Workplace Violence Risk and Identifying Safeguards to Protect Your Employees Presented by Dick Sem, CPP, CSC, Sem Security Management
Run Time – 59:26
Session 5 – Planning for Failure: Design Resilient Safety Systems and Procedures that Allow for ‘Normal’ Levels of Human Error While Avoiding Catastrophic Consequences Presented by Steve Roberts, PhD, Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.
Run Time – 58:41
Session 6 – Safety and Risk Management: Incorporating Visual Literacy to Improve Safety Presented by Doug Pontsler, Center of Visual Expertise
Run Time – 57:05
Session 7 – OSHA Compliance: How to Conduct a Fall Hazard Survey and Assessment Presented by Jake Williams, PE, CSP, REK Associates
Run Time – 54:28
Session 8 – Workplace Violence Prevention: The Role of Physical Security, Policies, and Procedures: Choosing Effective Safeguards Presented by Hector Alvarez, CTM, MS, Alvarez Associates LLC
Run Time – 59:58
Session 9 – Workplace Violence Prevention: After the Violence Ends: A Case Study of Lessons Learned Presented by Alicia Richardson and Ashley Withrow, Cleveland Clinic
Run Time – 1:03:17
Session 10 – Safety and Risk Management: ISO 45001: How the Adoption of This International OH&S Standard Will Impact How You Manage Workplace Health and Safety Presented by Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Esq., Fisher Phillips LLP
Run Time – 1:08:56
Session 11- Safety Leadership: Want Better Safety Outcomes? Try Servant Leadership and Build a Sense of Community Not Just a Culture Presented by David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP, David Sarkus International, Inc.
Run Time – 47:00
Session 12 – Safety Culture: Integrating Behavioral and Systems Approaches to Safety to Improve Performance Presented by Steve Roberts, Ph.D., Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.
Run Time – 59:12
Session 13 – Safety Training: Measure Training Effectiveness: How to Comply with OSHA’s ‘Verify Competent Performance’ Requirements Presented by Chip Darius, OHST, CSHO, CIT, Safety Priority Consultants
Run Time – 57:21
Session 14 – Safety Culture: Psychological Safety: Making It Safe to Speak Up Presented by Dominic Cooper, B-Safe Management Solutions, Inc.
Run Time – 1:18:22
Session 15 – Fitness for Duty: Balancing Safety Obligations with the Changing Landscape on Drug Testing, Opioids, Marijuana, and More Presented by Adele L. Abrams, Esq., Law Offices of Adele L. Abrams, PC
Run Time – 59:22
Session 16 – Supporting Frontline Supervisors: Effective Ways to Empower Your Strongest Safety Advocates Presented by Earl Blair, EdD, CSP, FASSP, Indiana University
Run Time – 55:46
Session 17 – Let’s Talk Safety: How to Have Candid Conversations that Move the Safety Needle Forward Presented by Pam Walaski, CSP, Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc.