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Don’t get left behind. … Get the latest 2021 Coding and OASIS training

Master FY2021 ICD-10 coding and boost your OASIS accuracy with the Ultimate Training Series.

For coders: When it comes to home health coding under PDGM, the margin for error is getting wider. Don’t get left behind! Insufficient training leads to claim delays, denials, coding backlog, compliance problems and decreased cash flow.

For clinicians and OASIS reviewers: The OASIS document and guidance are challenging, and you need to be prepared. OASIS accuracy is your key to becoming a 5-star agency, achieving value-based bonuses and getting full reimbursement.

There’s no question—you need expert training and you need it now. Whether you’re new to coding or OASIS, or you need an update on the latest changes for FY2021, the Ultimate Training Series has got you covered. Choose the agenda that suits your experience level.

DecisionHealth’s Ultimate Coding & OASIS Training is the answer to your ICD-10 coding and OASIS challenges. This series provides ICD-10 training and OASIS education led by the top home health experts in the nation. Our trainers understand the PDGM payment model inside and out. You’ll get  a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between coding, the OASIS, and PDGM.

All of DecisionHealth’s Ultimate Training classes are available in a convenient online format so there’s no need to travel to get top notch training. Don’t risk your agency’s revenue and productivity—register today!

BMSC Certification: Thinking about sitting for the HCS-D exam? The ICD-10 Intermediate Coding Virtual Seminars will help you prepare. For the HCS-O exam, we recommend the OASIS Virtual Seminar.

Industry Leading Speakers

  • J’non Griffin


    Sr. Vice President/Principal-Coding and OASIS Department, SimiTree

  • Arlynn Hansell


    Director of Education, Coding and OASIS, SimiTree