Ultimate OASIS-E Virtual Training

November 2- 3, 2022 | Live Virtual

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OASIS-E Item-by-Item Education

Learn how to properly answer the OASIS-E items while reinforcing your core OASIS competencies, all without sacrificing productivity. This training is an OASIS-E item-by-item training covering the entire OASIS-E assessment form, including the new OASIS-E items and coming changes effective January 1, 2023. This training is also a prep course for the HCS-O credentialing exam.

OASIS accuracy is the key to documentation compliance, positive outcome scores, and full and proper reimbursement. Attend this OASIS-E training and gain best practices and official guidance on how to correctly answer those questions that continue to create confusion and put your agency at risk when answered incorrectly.

During this training, you will:

  • Delve into the new OASIS-E items, including A2120–A2124 (Reconciled Medication List), B0200 (Hearing), B1000 (Vision), B1300 (Health Literacy), J0510–J0530 (Pain), and K0520 (Nutritional Approaches)
  • Understand who can complete the OASIS and what is required at each time point (SOC, ROC, transfer)
  • Take a close look at the new cognitive items, including C0100, C0200–C0500 (BIMS), C1310 (Signs/Symptoms of Delirium from CAM©), D0150–D0160 (Patient Mood Interview), and D0700 (Social Isolation), to ensure appropriate POC development and risk adjustment of outcomes
  • Dive into the challenging functional items, including M1800–M1860 and the GG items, to ensure you’re accurately reporting the patient’s functional status—incorrect answers for these items will skew PDGM functional impairment level points and outcome scores
  • Learn how to accurately answer the bladder and bowel items (M1600–M1630)
  • Understand the interaction of certain OASIS and coding items and how they impact the PDGM payment system
  • Properly assess and report patients’ fall risk (J1800–J1900)
  • Master the complicated wound items, including how to report pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, surgical wounds, and trauma wounds, and how to report their healing status (M1306–M1342)
  • Learn how to accurately answer the medication items, including M2001–M2030 and the new item N0415 (High-Risk Drug Classes)
  • Walk through the guidance for completing new section O0110 (Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs)

By attending this one-of-a-kind virtual event, you can listen live to the programs on Nov. 2 – Nov. 3, and ask questions in our live Q&As.

Can’t listen live? Play the sessions at a later date that works for your schedule: After registering, you’ll have access to all educational sessions until 12/31/2022.

Industry Leading Speakers

  • Arlynn Hansell


    Director of Education, Coding and OASIS, SimiTree