Virtual Master Classes

  • 2022 OSHA Compliance & Recordkeeping Virtual Master Class

    August 16-17, 2022 | Virtual

    OSHA announced on January 25 that it is withdrawing the emergency temporary standard (ETS) issued on November 5 and that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected on January 13. But the agency isn’t giving up on efforts to increase vaccination of the nation’s workforce. Instead, OSHA’s announcement says it “is prioritizing its resources to focus on finalizing a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard.” The ETS—had it been allowed to take effect—would have covered employers with at least 100 employees, estimated to be some 84 million workers across the nation. As a temporary standard, it would have been in effect for six months. OSHA is allowed to issue an emergency rule quickly without going through all the steps necessary to issue a permanent rule. Get caught up on the latest changes to OSHA policies and equip yourself with the skills you need to keep your company in continued compliance with these notoriously tricky regulations! Join attorney Adele L. Abrams for a live, virtual master class on safety recordkeeping essentials that can be applied to any injury or illness—and any situation, especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2022 Substance Abuse Management Virtual Master Class

    September 6-7, 2022 | Virtual

    Recent state regulatory developments regarding medical and recreational marijuana have created a complex web of compliance concerns for employers as they try to navigate drug testing policymaking and substance abuse management in the workplace. A sweeping opioid abuse epidemic further compounds substance abuse prevention challenges, requiring that employers maintain a delicate balance among business objectives, employee rights, and ADA requirements. Overdoses in the workplace can also have OSHA implications, as can exposing workers to the perils of impaired coworkers or contractors. OSHA will also likely be changing its policy again on when employers can legally drug test injured workers post-accident, and expand upon its views of drug testing as potentially retaliatory under the OSH Act’s Whistleblower Protections provisions. It’s in an employer’s best interest to be proactive on this issue. This comprehensive substance abuse management virtual master class will provide practical information on and strategies to address these sensitive and increasingly prevalent workplace issues. Join this informative workshop to explore critical updates and effective methods for navigating substance abuse issues with your workforce.

  • 2022 Workplace Violence Virtual Master Class: Addressing Violence and Handling the Aftermath

    September 15, 2022 | Virtual

    Workplace violence has become all too prevalent in today's workplaces, and no industry is spared. Preparing to prevent workplace violence will only get you so far; you must also be equipped with strategies for handling the aftermath of a violent incident. If handled incorrectly, it will have a negative impact on your company's bottom line. Having a workplace violence plan in place is only half the battle. You must also have a plan in place that addresses what to do after a violent incident has occurred, and fortunately, Hector Alvarez is back to help you put that plan in place!
    BONUS: Receive a FREE download of our Emergency Action Plan checklist with your registration! From earthquakes and wildfires to pandemics and active shooter incidents, this EAP checklist will assist you in both writing an effective plan, and also ensuring it is workable. Help keep your company from becoming another statistic through this actionable download.

Live Events

  • 2022 Cal/OSHA Summit

    October 5-7, 2022 | San Diego, CA

    Over the last 2 years, Cal/OSHA has been busy enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols and holding employers accountable for not following these rules, but this hasn't been their only focus. Between COVID-19 masking, testing, and vaccine standards, Cal/OSHA has also implemented a myriad of policy updates. Keeping workers safe and incident-free should always be top of mind, but with all the changing safety guidelines coming down from Cal/OSHA, it's hard to keep up. But fear not! Cal/OSHA Summit 2022—the leading state-specific event for California employers and safety professionals—will provide guidance for complying with the latest developments on new safety regulations, help you better understand your injury and illness recordkeeping requirements, and present strategies for overcoming all the specific nuances of Cal/OSHA regulations.