Brandon Hart

Brandon Hart, M.S.

Program Manager for Communications and Outreach, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Cal/OSHA

Brandon Hart is a member of Cal/OSHA’s leadership team. Currently, he coordinates and oversees five critical programs and units at Cal/OSHA. Those include the Alliance Program, Professional Development and Training Unit, Outreach Coordination Program, Publications Unit, and statewide Heat and Agriculture Program. In addition to overseeing and managing these programs and units, he works with the department’s communications unit to develop campaign strategies to provide important messaging and outreach to workers and employers.

Hart first joined Cal/OSHA in 2009 as an associate safety engineer in the Santa Ana district office. He received a promotion to senior safety engineer in 2014 and was assigned to work in the Region 3 regional office. In the ensuing period, Hart conducted and coordinated many high-profile inspections, participated in outreach events, trained new compliance safety and health officers throughout the southern region, and acted in a lead role in various regional and division-wide assignments. In 2017, he received a promotion to his current senior management position and was tasked to establish new units and revitalize older units and create a cohesive program with related functions.

Before joining Cal/OSHA, Hart worked at State Compensation Insurance Fund as a loss control consultant and workers’ compensation claims adjuster in Fresno, California.

Hart received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from National University and his Master of Science degree in occupational safety and health from Columbia Southern University.