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David Sarkus, MS, CSP

Safety Speaker, Consultant, Executive Coach, David Sarkus International, Inc.

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP is Chief Servant Leader and Founder of David Sarkus International Inc., a leading health and safety management consulting and training firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David is a motivational safety speaker who delivers keynotes, training, and consulting in a broad variety of industries. His experience, education, and leadership qualities have allowed him and his firm to successfully apply strategies and tactics within a large variation of mainstream work-processes for over 30 years. His customized safety interventions have produced improvements in key performance indicators from 35% to more than 85% over the previous year. He’s proven that results like this are not only possible, but scalable and sustainable.

Sarkus holds Master of Science degrees in both safety management and organizational psychology. He is a recognized leader in the practice of safety management and has written cover stories for major industry magazines including Professional Safety and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. He has been recognized by ISHN as one of the “Top 50 Leaders” in the field. He has written five books and over 100 evidence-based articles.

Sarkus works with some of the biggest and best run organizations in the world and can help you move toward— and embrace— sustainable excellence in safety.

  • Safety Virtual

    • Session 11- Safety Leadership: Want Better Safety Outcomes? Try Servant Leadership and Build a Sense of Community Not Just a Culture

      Run Time - 1:08:56

      Being a strong safety leader requires the ability to engage and influence attitudes and actions in a meaningful way. One of the best ways to ensure that you have positive influence over those you seek to lead is to practice servant leadership. But what are the key characteristics that successful servant leaders share? And how can you use servant leadership strategies and tactics to achieve a higher level of influence, engagement, and build a greater sense of community in your workplace?

      This session will help you to:

      -Better understand your culture as it relates to productivity and safety.

      -Improve personal credibility where it has been lacking.

      -Increase communications and engagement.

      -Tap into the five dimensions of building community through safety.

      -Promote a culture where workers are more confident and feel more competent, thereby demonstrating their commitment to your overall safety mission, vision, and goals.

      -Properly assess safety mishaps, and fairly yet effectively avoid future safety errors.