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Earl Blair, EdD, CSP, FASSP

Visiting Lecturer, Safety Management, Indiana University

Earl Blair, CSP, is a visiting lecturer of safety management and an award-winning author and teacher at Indiana University. Blair has authored a number of articles in safety publications such as Professional Safety Journal and is a frequent speaker at national and international safety seminars. His research involves ways to improve safety performance through leadership, measurement, and education. Blair is a Fellow of the American Society of Safety Professionals and a recipient of BLR’s Lifetime Achievement in Safety Award in 2018.

  • Safety Virtual

    • Session 16 –Supporting Frontline Supervisors: Effective Ways to Empower Your Strongest Safety Advocates

      Run Time - 59:22

      The frontline supervisor is often the individual with the most direct impact on your safety culture and your employees’ level of engagement. A great supervisor can motivate employees, secure buy-in for safety initiatives, and contribute to a strong culture of safety. On the other hand, a supervisor who lacks proper support, fails to internalize the safety message, or manages through complacency can damage morale and allow hazardous conditions to fester. To be successful, supervisors must possess critical “soft skills”—leadership, effective communication, and trust—that effectively motivate and influence employees to take ownership of safety, in addition to the technical skills and knowledge to find and fix hazards and maintain compliance. Support from management is critical to allow supervisors to succeed in these objectives and instill a culture of safety.

      This session will teach you how to:

      -Recognize the core responsibilities of supervisors to support, promote, and maintain safe and healthful working conditions for employees.

      -Identify the signs of effective and ineffective supervisors.

      -Encourage supervisors to motivate and lead workers toward safe and healthful work practices.

      -Incorporate elements of an effective training program for supervisors to teach them “soft skills” that promote a safety culture.

      -Provide support for frontline supervisors to allow them to excel at engaging their teams and strengthening your organization’s safety culture.