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Eric J. Conn, Esq.

Founding Partner, Conn Maciel Carey LLP

Eric Conn is a founding partner of Conn Maciel Carey and Chair of the firm’s national OSHA Workplace Safety Practice Group. His practice focuses exclusively on issues involving occupational safety and health law.  Before launching his own OSHA Practice, Mr. Conn practiced for more than a decade alongside the former first General Counsel of the OSH Review Commission. Conn and his OSHA Team at Conn Maciel Carey develop safety and health regulatory strategies for employers
across all industries with a particular emphasis in advising and representing clients in relation to inspections, investigations and enforcement actions involving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory agencies, managing the full range of litigation against OSHA, including appeals of citations, negotiations of settlements geared to minimize the impact of
enforcement actions.

  • Safety Virtual

    • Session 1 – OSHA Compliance: OSHA Enforcement and Rulemaking Updates and Compliance Trends

      Run Time - 1:22:41

      We are three years into the Trump Administration, and we have seen a mixed bag of change and business-as-usual at OSHA in enforcement and rulemaking. We watched late Obama-era OSHA rules get repealed or amended and a modest boost in compliance assistance—the sort of policy shifts you expect in a transition from a Democratic to a Republican administration. However, we have also seen plenty of the unexpected, such as increases in most enforcement metrics, including record numbers of $100K+ enforcement actions. And most surprising of all, OSHA still does not have an Assistant Secretary—the longest ever vacancy for the top job at OSHA. As we move through this election year, the final year of President Trump’s current term, we expect more reshuffling of OSHA enforcement policies and rulemaking priorities, and surely more surprises. This session will offer a deep dive into OSHA enforcement and regulatory developments. And, since past is prologue, this session will look back and take stock of what we have learned from and about OSHA over the first three years of the Trump Administration, and more importantly, will look ahead and assess what to expect from OSHA during this election year—from OSHA enforcement data and trends, to rulemaking and deregulatory actions, and personnel developments at OSHA and OSHRC.

      You’ll gain an insider’s perspective into OSHA’s latest activities and their potential impact on your industry and your workplace and learn the latest on:

      -OSHA and OSHRC organizational developments

      -OSHA enforcement data and trends, as well as key case decisions

      -The future of OSHA enforcement

      -Regulatory developments that may impact your safety policies and procedures

      -Significant OSHA policy issues to watch out for the rest of this year heading into 2021