Fundamentals of Credentialing


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Master the basics of credentialing, privileging, and peer review

New to medical staff services? Fundamentals of Credentialing is an on-demand eLearning course designed to help medical staff professionals (MSPs) understand what is meant by credentialing, privileging, and peer review, and how these three elements work in alignment to protect patients.

Fundamentals of Credentialing walks you through the basic functions of medical staff services in three easy-to-digest eLearning classes. Instructor Kathy Matzka, CPMSM, CPCS, FMSP, uses her years of experience in the industry to break down the complex terms credentialing, privileging, and peer review into easy-to-understand concepts.

These courses are also ideal for new medical staff leaders who need a better understanding of credentialing, privileging, and peer review.

Fundamentals of Credentialing includes:

  • Credentialing: What is it and why do it?
  • Introduction to privileging
  • Understanding peer review and performance monitoring

Plus, each class ends with a final quiz to test your knowledge!


After participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between credentialing and privileging
  • Define what is meant by primary source verification
  • Know your role in the credentialing process
  • Understand the purpose and benefits of an effective peer review process
  • Create methods for obtaining medical staff support in the peer review process
  • Learn the accreditors requirements for practitioner performance monitoring
  • Define and list who needs to be privileged at your organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to create privileging criteria

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